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Secular = 75.5%

Pagan = 53.8%

Wiccan = 38.5%

Buddhist = 15.4%

Hindu = 7.7%

Mormon = 0.0%

Christian = 0.0%

Muslim = 0.0%

Jewish = 0.0%

You are Gnostic. This is a person who KNOWS that the existence of God is true; a person who claims as a matter of fact that God exists.

You are an Atheist. This is a person that does not believe in any of the claims that have been made about god.

This does not mean that there is no God but, without demonstrable evidence, you dont see a reason to believe. This is about what you believe or dont, not about what you know. A lot of people confuse Agnostic and Atheist. You can be both.

Because you are Gnostic there not being a God, you claim to have knowledge that God is not real. This is not about believing, it is about knowing. People who claim that they KNOW there is a God or KNOW that there is not a God, are not telling the truth. It takes demonstrable evidence to be able to claim knowledge. Just as you can prove there is a sun, that is the kind of thing you need to be able to back up a claim of knowledge. The lack of evidence for a God does not mean that one does not exist. Although, not having any evidence does make in VERY not likely to be true.

You are Secular. This means that you make your decisions about life by your own experience and try to think about whats best for everyone. This is the only way to have an equal society. You my be religious or believe in a God but, You don't let that impact your reasons for wanting the best for people.

If you are an Atheist or just consider yourself Secular and you like to have fun making fun of religions, this site may get you laughing!

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